Not only does The Tanning Lounge pride itself on its cool modern interior but also its state-of-the art equipment. Moreover, we are proud to announce that we are one of the very few tanning salons in the UK to offer our customers the flagship sunbed from Ergoline - Sun Angel. All our sunbeds are the latest models available on the market by the leaders in the tanning industry - Ergoline and megaSun. In this way, we want to make sure that our customers get the best possible results and enjoy their visit to The Tanning Lounge. To find out more about Our Sunbeds please read the information on this page.
Hope to see you soon!

In the beginning there was a dream, of a completely new sun shower, of a completely new design. And now this dream has become reality: megaSun Tower pure Energy sunbed. With its fascinating appearance and innovative Technology, this is the shining centre of attention. No role model, no compromises – from head to toe an original megaSun. Sometimes the head decides, sometimes the heart. Why not listen to both - with the megaSun Tower pureEnergy at The Tanning Lounge, Manchester.
The main features of the sunbed:
MP3 player (you may plug in your own I-phone, if desired)
Voice control instruction
BodyCool ventilation
CPI® (Computer Programmed Intelligence)
52 tubes
Aqua Cool